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Where are we?

28 Jun
June 28, 2012

An update – We have filed three lawsuits:

The first is the RICO case.  It was dismissed by federal court last may (13 months ago).  It has been appealed.  The appeal is still pending.  The appeal began just over 12 months ago.

The second lawsuit is against the IRS and others for attempting to disrupt our appeal on the RICO case.  It was only recently dismissed–amazingly.  All sorts of crazy shenanigans were taken to disrupt our ability to appeal any decision.  It will be appealed soon.

The last lawsuit is a constitutional lawsuit suing the federal government to declare clauses within statutes providing federal employees with immunity for INTENTIONAL violation of the law unconstitutional.  This is the critical one.  The government will have to respond to this lawsuit within weeks.  All the lawlessness that has occurred until now is the basis for this lawsuit.

The pursuit of justice is a battle

28 Jun
June 28, 2012

The rule of law is our weapon and the courtroom is our battlefield.  We ‘all must pursue it.

In the battle for liberty, apparent losses are not always losses.  See the Obamacare ruling today.  Obama got what he wanted.  But he won’t like it.  The court may have however, protected liberty in the ruling process by decisively killing the slowly expanding liberty killing reach of commerce clause jurisprudence.

In a court, the battle for liberty is a chess game.  All we really know at the moment is pieces have been moved on the board.  Now it is our move.

The hard way …

28 Jun
June 28, 2012

I have, in the past, naively approached this web site the hard way.  I mixed what I have learned with the law with the actual events of our legal battles.  This made the blogging activities tedious since they were done as simple web pages.

Hence forward, I intend to blog more regularly by using wordpress to blog and web-site HTML to formally capture and communicate what I learn in the legal process.

The goal was always to help others fight their battle in the court of law.  The blog (and lawsuits) and legal research are equally critical components of that effort.   Hopefully the resulting product becomes more clear and helpful.