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Our judicial immunity appeal brief has been submitted.

29 Oct
October 29, 2012

When a judge ignores the law, they act as lions under the throne.

Our appeal brief has been submitted.  It is distressing.  What usually happens when I produce one of these things is I get smarter.  I have now learned that my arguments surrounding judicial immunity for our lawsuit are somewhat irrelevant.

This is because judges lose their judicial immunity when they lack jurisdiction of a lawsuit.  Well, it turns out that our judges have declared that they do not have jurisdiction.  They did this to defeat the lawsuit.   Though they had jurisdiction, the Ninth Circuit considers a judge’s understanding of the jurisdictional situation to be the defining question.  So.  Our judges are personally liable to damages, because they believed they did not have jurisdiction.

That’s the distressing part.  The “system”, as you might guess, will be justifiably concerned and upset.