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The Kenner family IRS lawsuit update

21 Dec
December 21, 2012

There are three principle lawsuits against the United States.

One is the RICO lawsuit.  Its status has not changed.  It is still pending before the Ninth Circuit.  The court had received the briefs of the appeal over a year ago (12-09-2011).

The second is the one we call the Bane Act lawsuit.  All the required appeal briefs for that lawsuit have just recently been filed.  Our opponents’ defense in this lawsuit is non-existent. I would cover it in detail in this blog, but the arguments are set out out in our final reply.  The United States is petty (and hopelessly without an argument) in their opposition brief to our appeal.  Capital One simply lied in theirs.  The federal judges, by their own reckoning, do not have immunity and are liable.  I thought out RICO lawsuit was good.  This one is even better.  The only reason we are at the court of appeals is because the United States cannot let the case go to trial.  Each time the system acts to subvert justice however, our case gets better.  Why do they do it?

Finally, the third lawsuit is our Constitutional lawsuit challenging federal employee immunities for intentional violation of the law.  It has not yet been dismissed at the district court.  The United States has filed a motion to have it dismissed (we opposed).  That was a few months ago.  The court seems to be slow rolling its decision on the United State’s motion.  It looked like they had some plan tied to the second lawsuit’s appeal.  Anyway, we updated it just a couple of days ago.  Our remedy needed to be improved.