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RICO and the IRS

29 Jun
June 29, 2013


The 9th Circuit dismissed the RICO lawsuit after I tweeted that I was going to go to the Supreme Court with a Writ of Mandate in an effort to compel a court decision.  The Appeals Court dismissal decision was accompanied by a “memorandum” rather than an opinion.  The memorandum was without legal support.  I suppose they hoped I would just go away.  I won’t give up though (I am playing the long game). I subsequently petitioned to have the Court tell me why all the following was not true (a re-hearing):
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RICO lawsuit dismissed at 9th Circuit

20 Jun
June 20, 2013

Do you wonder what I am going to do next GOV?

I tweeted (twitter) that we were going to file a writ of mandate demanding that the 9th Circuit rule on our lawsuit.  Guess what?  Three hours later they did. Hmmmm.  Coincidence? I doubt it:

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