02 Jul

The Brian Kenner story

Brian Kenner and the KENNER battle against federal tyranny

More than ten years ago, I  had an amazing success with an Internet company. Many people were involved.  They all made wonderful technological contributions.  I consider myself so fortunate to have worked with them.

But success can sometimes bring equally large challenges.  In 2000 we handed our estate over to accountants and attorneys that got us into serious tax problems.  I wasn’t so fortunate to have worked with them.  We have been fighting the problems they created ever since.  We sued these people and eventually won. But the damage was already done.  We went from having a multi-million dollar estate to zero, and owing $15 million to the IRS and California Franchise Tax Board.  I have to laugh when I say it.  I’m a Forest Gump for sure. Chocolate anyone?

Now here’s the amazing part, the IRS also doesn’t seem to know where to draw the line between right and wrong.  Who knew?  Now we are suing them for intentionally and brazenly breaking laws.

There are a number of lawsuits now.  We first sued them for RICO.  We did this because other solutions do not punish lawlessness.  But RICO is a very serious crime.  It has consequences also to the system itself.  At least anyway, that’s what “the system” thinks.  So, they broke more laws to prevent the RICO suit from going before a jury.  The other lawsuits ensued.  Presently, the following lawsuits are pending:

  • RICO Lawsuit One – It started it all
  • RICO Lawsuit Two – We added defendants to the RICO claim.  The first lawsuit was dismissed and appealed.
  • Bane Act Lawsuit – We sued the judges that threatened to punish us if we went forward
  • The Constitutional Lawsuit – We have learned why these unfortunate things happened to us.  Federal employees have immunity from intentional violation of the law.  We think this is outrageous.  We therefore sued the United Sates to end these laws as unconstitutional.

I hope you will join us vicariously in the fight.

Brian Kenner