31 Jul

Determined pro se litigants have the strategic advantage in almost all legal situations–‘do it yourself’ confidence is the real armor

Further, pro se litigants cannot be defeated by the threat of financial ruin in a lawsuit.  This is an almost undefeatable strategic advantage for the pro se litigant

Ian Kenner in costume for Halloween

The dispute(s) described within this web-site are a consequence of federal employee total immunities.  We are fighting our opponents pro se.  And we are winning.

Here’s how it goes:  Internal Revenue Code (IRC) statutes (sections 7433 and 7432) provide IRS employees with immunity for intentional violations of the law.  If employees think an act is in the best interest of the government, they can confidently depart from the rule of law.  This power has led to systemic violation of the law and corruption of the organironsequences to the legitimacy of the government would be horrific (not my goal).  Consequently, the courts and the DOJ are now breaking other laws in order to keep the RICO case out of court.  At this point, the battle began spinning out of control for all involved.  Pro se, we  filed lawsuit #2 (California Bane Act) against the original and new parties.  The Bane Act makes it unlawful for ANYONE to attempt to defeat your constitutional rights by threat or coercion.

The lawlessness nevertheless continued.  I think some of these justice folks even tried to bate me into suing more federal employees to make me look “crazy” and vexatious.  But, I saw where it was all headed.  I shifted tactics.  All bets are off when you are pro se.  But do not lose heart.  Your opponents are running up a big bill.

Our third pro se lawsuit is a constitutional challenge against the very statutes that enable the above lawlessness–clauses within statutes that provide immunity to federal employees for intentional violations of the law.  This new lawsuit seems to have momentarily changed the tenor of the dispute.

Maybe now we are on the right path.

Pro se litigation is without doubt a strategic advantage.  The courts can pressure attorneys in unpleasant lawsuits.  Ours definitely fits that definition.  Your opponents can work to bankrupt you.  Ours has.  But if you are prepared, the pro se litigant always has the advantage.