31 Jul

RICO lawsuit (#2) – more facts, more people, more claims to RICO lawsuit #1

The first RICO lawsuit was filed with the benefit of multiple Freedom of Information Act requests.  The District Court nevertheless dismissed this lawsuit finding that IRS employees are immune personally from any lawlessness.  We appealed.

During the legal battle surrounding the DOJ’s desire to have the first RICO case dismissed,  we learned many new things.  For example, we learned that there were additional parties involved.  We also learned that IRS lawlessness was enabled by a seriously flawed federal law: 26 USC 7433.  This statute enabled IRS employees to intentionally break the law when managing IRS employees concluded  that it was in the best interest of the United States to do so.  Our due process rights were then necessarily defeated by the law.

So to protect our rights, we revised and filed a 2nd RICO lawsuit to:

  • Add parties
  • Add details obtained in the Freedom of Information Act requests
  • Add claims of a violation of our Constitutional rights by IRS employees using 26 USC 7433

The following is the new RICO lawsuit:

Complaint Filed